Wonderful Redecorating with DIY Kitchen Wall Decor

Jan 20th

DIY Kitchen Wall Decor – Alert! Alert! Your kitchen is bored and needs a little creativity urgently. Luckily, a little DIY fixes everything. Do you want an original lamp? Do you need more space? Do you want to have aromatic plants by hand? Let’s do it. It’s time to give your kitchen a joy. You do not need a lot of budget or big works. With creativity and desire, there will be no corner that you resist. Look at these ideas and get inspired.

Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas
Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

A plank of wood, rope and a little paint or varnish. It’s what you need to build a DIY kitchen wall decor with swing garden like this, which conquers the walls of your kitchen. Imagine having your aromatic plants nearby while you cook. It smells good! Are you clear about what you need? With a blackboard XXL like this, it will not be very difficult to keep track. In the image, they have completely transformed one of the walls of the kitchen to make the slate and it looks that good. However, if turning a whole wall into a shopping list does not convince you, you can always create smaller spaces in your kitchen.

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With a pallet (worth everything) and metal hangers, you can give the cups the place they deserve in your kitchen. What do you think of this DIY kitchen wall decor? Cups always at hand for your coffee. With a very simple and practical DIY idea. With wooden spheres and a rope, create your own support to leave pots and pans to rest when they are still hot. Who needs to buy kitchen accessories and can do them at home?

Look up and look hollow. It’s time to change the lamp in your kitchen. And there are many creative alternatives. Eye to this lamp made with recycled materials. Four brass graters, one wooden board, and four light bulbs. Small kitchen? Lack of space? No problem. Each empty hole is an opportunity. See how they have taken advantage of the space that is under a kitchen cabinet in the gallery. Fixing the covers on the bottom of the furniture creates a storage space using glass jars that are suspended in the air. If your appearance does not convince you, you can decorate DIY kitchen wall decor them with strips of slate paint to write what they contain.

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Another solution to organize your kitchen accessories. If the typical drawer does not convince you, take a look at this alternative to store your cutlery. Create cloth pockets on wooden boards and hang them on the walls of your kitchen. The fabric is fixed with a stapler to the wood and decorated with a red border, joined using a thermo mixer gun. Practical and beautiful! And since there are not two without three, another solution to organize well. With a decorated wooden board and metal baskets, you can create a fruit bowl that will give a different air to the wall of your kitchen. Healthy and creative life isn’t it? What do you think of these ideas? Which is your DIY kitchen wall decor favorite?