Star Mirror Wall Decor as the Key of Symbolism

Jan 23rd

Star Mirror Wall Decor – The key is an element of great importance in the world of the occult. It is part of a symbology and represents not only the object, but an emblem of wisdom and power, this is known by the great esoteric thinkers, who always carry a key as an amulet, because they represent a constant protection against negative forces and looks that reign in the atmosphere. According to the esoteric ones, shaking a key exerts an energy so deep that it relaxes and transports to metaphysical regions. Seven keys together ringing, invalidate the power of the evil one, of the one who with his eyes wants to harm or destroy us.

Star Mirror Wall Decor best

If you acquire any key, just clean it with holy water, see it one day by the light of a white candle; and already devoted to good, serves for the evil eye, to ward off the moments of bad luck, attracts good times and away from our environment, those evil intentions of the enemy who wants to see us fail in the family, business, work and else. The key that represent into star mirror wall decor creates an auric field or shield that would prevent the action of any malignant entity. Charge it around your neck or as a bracelet to obtain its benefits from it.

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This star mirror wall decor can be used in many positive ways, but you have to be careful. They have a symbolic value and serve as a reminder to be careful when entering and leaving our homes. In Feng-Shui mirrors are used to face problems in which we can do little. It is not auspicious to have a mirror in your bedroom and especially in a place where you can see yourself reflected while lying down. They are considered essential elements in magic; especially to protect the home, the business, the office, from envy and bad vibrations. Just place one of these near the door; for its radiance will drive away the evil one, who, seeing himself reflected in the mirror, will be frightened and will not return to the place.

We can also put three mirrors in the shape of a stars form, that is, one in each wall, facing each other, and another in the middle of both. The secret is to place a five-pointed star on the part of the star mirror wall decor that cannot be seen. This will undoubtedly project a long-range protection. It will protect, chase away, attract. However, they must be round mirrors, because the squares do not fulfill this function, in addition to the fact that the magicians use them to interpret the future of the people.

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Traditionally these mirrors are used to protect our homes and places of business from external threats, so it is advisable to place star mirror wall decorin the entrances or rear accesses, those places that according to our common sense, we feel less protected from the incursion of dwellers and villains. May those article useful for you to consider.