Room Divider of Modern Metal Wall Decor

Mar 16th

Modern Metal Wall Decor – The enclosures, walls or doors made of metal with industrial-cut glass panels are not a new kind of enclosure, but here in Spain, we are a little behind in terms of trends, and now, when you are most liking this type of enclosures for interior, among other things, thanks to its beautiful industrial aesthetic. If you do not know what I’m talking about, pay attention because this structure is something you are going to talk about – and see – a lot during the following years.

Attractive Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Attractive Metal Wall Art Sculpture

This type of structure, composed of forged metal in black with different sizes of glass panels can be used, and is used, for many purposes: As a wall, as doors, to separate or divide spaces, as a shower screen. Its particular combination of materials makes them perfect to locate in any room that we want, providing modern metal wall decorwith a special focal point.

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Image of: Attractive Metal Wall Art Sculpture
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Image of: Contemporary Metal Wall Art Sculpture
Image of: Contemporary Metal Wall Art Decor
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Image of: Abstract Metal Wall Art
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This structure is perfect to separate and divide spaces making them brighter by not blocking light and letting it flow from one space to another. Also, being visually light, they do not recharge, which makes them even more suitable for small spaces. We can install a complete wall with or without a door, or half wall, and install the structure at half height on top of a dividing wall to achieve greater privacy, as well as choosing opaque glass if we want more privacy. There are endlessmodern metal wall decor options to adapt this type of enclosure to our demands.

Although its greatest virtue is that of separating spaces due to the inherent qualities of glass, this industrial type structure is also used as doors, in different rooms and models, such as folding, folding or sliding doors, single or double. Let’s see some doors made of this type in full action. Although this structure fits well in virtually any space and style, it is true that it is somewhat cold both visually and physically, since its thermal insulation is scarce, or nil, due to iron and the only crystal.

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To make the modern metal wall decor effective in terms of thermal or acoustic insulation, you would have to put at least double glass of different thickness each glass, and even inject some inert gas like argon gas between the air chamber of the two crystals, as well as greatly improve the structure iron or aluminum, even replace it with a PVC one and the cost of such a structure would be very high.

So, unless you can afford this change, you have to consider this small handicap. Although if they are used indoors, there is no problem, the problem comes when we install them outside, like a window, like the ones we are going to see right now. They are beautiful, with a spectacular finish, but I would not recommend them at all unless they were thermally and acoustically prepared. Still, here we can see spaces with this type of windows. I, personally, I stay with the authentic wrought iron as modern metal wall decorĀ to divide some space, although luckily, there is another option warmer, as we have just seen, for those who demand this type of finish. What do you think of this type of interior enclosures? Have you also surrendered to this trend?

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