Outdoor Wall Decor DIY for Renewing Terraces

Mar 1st

Outdoor Wall Decor DIY – Brand new terrace without doing works is easier than you think. The secret? Decorate the walls with easy-to-lay coatings. We show you the most current ideas so you can find the inspiration you need. Whether you have a large terrace, a large patio, or if you only have a balcony of 5 square meters, the effect will surprise you. With these suggestions, you’ll be looking forward to spending the days (and evenings) of summer in your little paradise.

Enjoyableiron decorative wall art
Enjoyableiron decorative wall art

Lattices and blinds of the cane is the first outdoor wall decor DIY ideas, the roller shutters of all the life give much game in this proposal that does not consist exactly of coating the walls but in creating them. It is only necessary to assemble a metal structure and then dress it with reed rollers to tint the sun. You can also hang the blinds directly on the wall, as a decoration, you can paint them in an intense color (indigo blue, garnet) and place several blinds. Leave them with different degrees of opening, so that the step creates a more dynamic space.

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The recycled wood never leaves indifferent interior designers, decorators, and lovers of the industrial style. With some boards sanded and dyed in walnut color with a lasur (special open pore varnish for interiors), you can dress one side of your terrace or balcony and leave it that beautiful. You can take advantage of the outdoor wall decor DIYrenovation to create a practical bank, and you will get a comfortable and functional space. Use pallet wood or buy recycled wood in specialized stores.

The composite coating is a mixture of wood chips and resin used for the manufacture of floors and outdoor platforms. It does not require varnishing, it stands up perfectly to the elements and is of sustainable production. We suggest you use it to cover the walls of your terrace. You can cover the edges with metal profiles lacquered in black, to obtain a contemporary effect. If you put a light wooden floor, the contrast will be magnificent.

Whitewashed brick, it always works. The brick is difficult to handle in outdoor wall decor DIYdecoration: it fits very well in industrial style environments, but on a terrace or patio it can give the impression of nudity. A good option is to paint it white with a special paint for facades. If you want to get the same effect but your walls are ready, cover them with concrete plates that imitate brick and then paint the surface. A white terrace furniture will complete the set.

The charm of hydraulic tiles. They are beautiful, but they are usually expensive and to place them you have to do work. To achieve a coating of hydraulic tiles as beautiful as this small patio, do not hesitate to resort to vinyl. There are models with installation in click that imitate this type of tiles, and they are placed in a very simple way. After covering the floor, climb up the outdoor wall decor DIYby gluing the slats directly to the surface with mounting adhesive. Close the top edge with a metal or wood profile.