Never Die Style with Modern Rustic Wall Decor

Mar 14th

Modern Rustic Wall Decor– The rustic style is still valid. Although it is a widely used option in rural houses, it has adapted to other less bucolic environments, such as the big city. One of the aspects that define it are the walls. With stone and wood as essential ingredients, the walls of a country house are the best introduction to this way of interpreting the decoration. Serve this post as a tribute to rustic coatings.

Rustic Wrought Iron Wall Decor
Rustic Wrought Iron Wall Decor

The stone is synonymous with the modern rustic wall decor. Its rough appearance gives the domestic atmosphere an old halo and a lot of character. Having a fireplace lined with this material is an extra style. Do not lose sight of the wooden ceiling. Or if you don’t like the stone you can pick the wood slats. A more orderly rustic will prefer wood cut into planks, and even treated and dyed. This example demonstrates that this current does not have to be corseted to rickety-looking walls that seem to accumulate decades and decades of time. The dull tone of pure wood has a special charm. Covering a house from top to bottom in this way results in a kind of cozy cabin. With the right furniture and accessories, an aesthetic is achieved that modernizes the rustic to update it.

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One of the star colors in combination with the modern rustic wall decoris this variation of red. Thanks to its intensity, the contrast offered against the wooden walls are much appreciated. This hall, which has earned a stay with ribbons, is a great proof of that. The white and wood very strong for the rustic style. The bedroom, the rustic invites comfort. The warmth of wood favors sleep. The finish of the same on the roof plays with the balcony and cabinets. The wall of the headboard, painted in white, manages to unify the set, while the textiles, with brown touches, finish it off.

Another way to conceive the updated modern rustic wall decoris to choose brick walls, but with an interpretation that borders on the industrial style. The roof and the wooden floor reduce coldness to the brickwork, which looks great letters. The flowers, both on the bedspread and on the bedside table, soften the atmosphere. In the kitchen, there is also space to implement the rustic. In fact, it is one of the rooms where its attractiveness is best perceived. The more traditional stoves will choose to use stone in the cooking area, while the wood, subjected to different treatment, will go from floor to ceiling.

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Stainless steel is not incompatible with rural air. A large wall of flakes dominates a kitchen in which steel is also present. The furniture and cabinets serve as a common thread between both elements, so different and at the same time so well-matched. The most natural of stone and cement combination has a much more authentic effect for modern rustic wall decor. This is the case of this bathroom, which has not covered the stone with white cement from the outside in the interior. If you have a good heating system, these old walls will be thick enough to retain heat. Do you like rustic walls? Its strong appearance and, at the same time, relaxed gives homes a very endearing air. What do you think?