It’s All About the Bathroom Vanities

Jun 23rd

Bathroom Vanities – A bathroom vanity is an integral and functional part of many bathroom designs. Vanities can be functional and decorative and can fit in almost any bathroom. Selecting a vanity bathroom should be done taking into account both these attributes to ensure that the vanity adapts to your lifestyle and aesthetics. A bathroom vanity is a cabinet that incorporates a countertop and sink to enhance the style and function of the bathroom. While sinks can be mounted on their own, to the wall or with a base pedestal, a vanity can add a lot to a bathroom design. Vanities can be used to give additional storage to a bathroom, both concealed and on the counter, while providing an additional source of color, texture and style.

Bathroom Vanities Ideas
Bathroom Vanities Ideas

The smallest bathroom vanities are available on the market today is 18 inches wide, with the largest vanities capable of occupying both space and bathroom. Draw the benches, basin cabinet bases, linen towers, make-up counters and removable clothes can all add up to a piece of furniture form for the bathroom. Functionally, any bathroom vanity greater than 60 inches in length may have two sinks and two sets of keys installed. Vanities can come in heights ranging from 30 inches to 34 1/2 inches, with depths of 18 inches or 21 inches. A bathroom vanity cabinet does not have to be made specifically for a bathroom.

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You can make any piece of furniture large enough for a sink in the bathroom vanities. This includes pieces of furniture such as tables or side cabinets. Furniture was originally used for the basins of the water house and sinks before indoor plumbing, giving way to the vanities in use today. Bathroom vanities are available in almost any color, style or size. Contemporary bathroom vanities increasingly use today as new styles are available. Contemporary vanities often include stainless steel, acrylic resin tops, flat fronts or open concept designs with shelves instead of doors and drawers.

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