Indoor and Outdoor Wall Art Decor with Mural Paintings

Feb 1st

Outdoor Wall Art Decor – Nothing better than a large mural to give personality to the walls. These giant works of art can be created both inside and outside. In this article, we will give you some tips to paint an interior and exterior mural. The first point to keep in mind when creating a mural is to find the correct location. Preferably, if you are going to create an exterior mural. You can choose a place that is outside of extreme weather conditions, but that can be enjoyed visually.

outdoor iron decorative wall art

In the event that you plan to create a mural in a public place or somewhere where it can be seen by the general population, you should consult with the relevant authorities and the population or neighbors about your plans, programming, and execution. Then you must measure the available space and create an appropriate design, that is, the environment accompanies. On many occasions, public art must be linked and related to its neighborhood. Many beautiful murals tell us part of the history of the place or represent the flora and fauna. This kind of outdoor wall art decor never hurts to include a bit of local culture in the design.

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In terms of location, it is best to choose an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight, or weather conditions that could damage it. Evaluate the surface before starting. Do not forget to evaluate the surface and the treatment you can give the wall. In many cases it will be necessary to give a seal to the masonry If the mural you are going to make will be very large you will surely need some scaffolding to work comfortably. In specialized stores, you will find different types of paintings. You can choose some products with natural pigments, which can be used together with the plaster. Many materials are more difficult to use because they require working very quickly. Obviously, you can use aerosols and house paints, both outdoor wall art decorand also indoors.

When you are going to transfer or project the image you must create a grid and use a chalk to make the lines proportional to the location of the grid. Then you will have to consult the grid of the original design and verify it on the wall. Another alternative is to design and cut a paper template, this will take a little more time. But the results will be very good, especially if you do not have much experience drawing. If the murals are very large, they usually work in teams, remember that a large part of the work does not imply knowledge or artistic ability. The designs of this outdoor wall art decor can be made by layers or by zones of color.

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This type of work of art lasts for as long as it has been done correctly it will have a duration that will not be too long. In many cases, the time is reduced when the wall is porous and has not been properly treated or when lower quality paints have been used. That is why we reiterate the importance of sealing the wall where it is going to be painted to achieve the mural outdoor wall art decor.