Great Fish Wall Decor for Bathroom with NEMO Ideas

Mar 13th

Fish Wall Decor for Bathroom – The fish are very used figures in the decoration of bathrooms. From complete schools that swim on the surface of the wall to nice carpets shaped like big fish and accessories inspired by the famous Disney NEMO that the little ones love. If you are looking for a motif or theme for the decoration of your bathroom, let us tell you that the fish is one of the most appropriate to fill the room with joy and life. In general, this decorative style is widely used in children’s bathrooms, but the truth is that it is also a theme that without major inconveniences can be applied in general bathrooms, classic or modern style.

Wooden Fish Wall Hanging
Wooden Fish Wall Hanging

Today we want to leave you some ideas of fish wall decor for bathroomwith your photo and a brief description so that you can choose the one you like the most, and the one that best suits your bathroom, and so you can be inspired by it to make your own creation. We have chosen this first proposal because its colors fascinated us. If there is something that stands out from the beauty of fish is the combination of bright colors that have their scales, but to this we must add the color of marine plants and the blue of water; everything in game with the white of the floor and the towels of colors that although they are rolled and neat in their place they are also decorative details that add up.

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To support your fish wall decor for bathroom as nautical concept, here we have used a printed bathroom curtain with a seabed with fish and algae in which we have to highlight a high-quality image and very good definition. Of course, this curtain would not look the same if it were not for the blue with which the walls are colored that make each detail form a whole and how this magnificent bathroom originates, in which when entering we can imagine that we are submerging in the ocean.

But as we said before, the decoration of fish wall decor for bathroomis ideal for children and much more if it is the NEMO fish, the character of the Disney movie that has stolen the hearts of children. With a few simple adhesive vinyl from NEMO, we can completely change the visual aspect and style of our bathroom. Just paste these stickers on the shower screen to imagine that we are bathing in the middle of the stage of this film.

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For those who prefer a more rustic style, these porcelain fish protruding from the fish wall decor for bathroom of the same material and color are enough to give a beautiful and subtle detail to the decoration. Finally, we also have a proposal for lovers of original and innovative furnishings, a glass sink with an integrated aquarium. If you have tired of the fish stuck on the wall or the bathroom screen, and you want real fish. Here is a perfect solution. Ideal to decorate a modern and avant-garde bathroom nothing common.