Dramatic Decorative Wall Art with Mural Ideas

Jan 10th

Decorative Wall Art – Do you feel the dramatic decorative art and think that the paintings are not enough to show your passion? Our wall murals will adapt perfectly to your home if you dare to project a touch of creative and inspiring decorative art on your wall. Let yourself be hypnotized by the wonderful colors and shapes that are the answer to our beautifully created decorative art wall murals. Do you have a preference for simple, clean lines, decorative art details and abstract patterns? Then this is where you will be inspired for your next fabulous wall mural.

decorative wall art for bathrooms

A mural decorative wall art can quickly transform a space by including color, texture, and contrast in the same environment. It consists of painting, papering, tiling or leaving brick seen in a single wall of a room, maintaining uniformity in the other walls. Despite being an aesthetic resource very easy to incorporate at home, not all of us dare with a mural in our homes. And it is that, if the material, the color or the patterns are not adequate, it can end up breaking the visual harmony of the room. Here we present the advantages and disadvantages offered by wall murals.

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The first is they provide visual interest. Wall murals are ideal for decorating small spaces where many types of furniture or decorative accessories, such as hallways, hallways or bathrooms cannot be incorporated. It also defines areas in open spaces. For example, a mural in the dining room can help visually separate this area from the living room. This decorative wall art create contrast, it means that they help break the chromatic monotony of textures or materials of a space, making it visually more interesting and striking.

The murals give cohesion to space. When they repeat color, texture, material or prints of other elements of the same space, they give visual unity to the whole. For example, a blue sofa on one side of the room and a mural of the same color on the other side, create color continuity. It also plays a role as highlight elements. A mural can direct the gaze to a point in space and emphasize the location of an art piece, fireplace or any other structural or decorative wall art element that wishes to stand out.

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Emphasize the feeling of warmth. Murals of dark colors, wallpapers or wooden panels will make space seem more intimate and cozy, which makes them ideal for bedrooms and rest areas. This kind of decorative wall art extols the character of a home. The exposed brick walls give authenticity to industrial style lofts, the stone murals enhance the beauty of country houses, and the photo murals accentuate the urban character of cosmopolitan homes.

But there are some disadvantages of mural decorative wall artyou should consider. Mixing colors and designs in murals with different ones in carpets, furniture, and decorative elements can end up breaking the visual harmony of the space. If the room has too many furniture and decorative elements, a mural will make space seem smaller. They can subtract protagonist to other beautiful pieces of the environment, directing the eyes towards the wrong point. Vinyl, wallpaper, or paint colors often come and go with the trends of the moment, so they can easily go out of fashion.

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