Cute Large Crown Wall Decor for Girl’s Room

Mar 12th

Large Crown Wall Decor – If you have a little princess who lives in your house, give her the bedroom of your dreams when you use princesses, castles, and crowns to decorate your space. You do not have to be a professional artist to turn your child’s bedroom into a castle bedroom or a princess paradise. If you can draw a picture and color it, then you can make a decoration of the wall of the crown that is sure to please a princess of any age.

Princess Crown Wall Decals
Princess Crown Wall Decals

Look for an image of a large crown wall decor idea with an outline and basic shape. Your computer’s word processor should have several to choose from in the clip art options. When you find one, paste it into a blank document. Project the image of the crown on your daughter’s wall. If you have access to an LCD projector, simply connect it to your computer and project the image directly from the document you created. If you are using an overhead projector, print the image of the document on a transparency sheet and use that to project the image on your wall.

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Move the projected image until the image of large crown wall decor is the desired size and in the preferred location.4 Use a pencil to trace the outline of the image on the wall, including any details inside the image that you wish to include in the final decoration.Turn off the projector. Paint the outline of the crown with a thin brush, using your pencil lines as a guide. Use a suitable wall paint for this place of paint boats, so the project will last longer. Use a larger brush to fill the body of the crown with the same color.

Let this layer dry, and then use the brush and coordinating paint colors to draw the gemstones on the tips of the large crown wall decor. Simply paint circular shapes and diamond or fill them. Use another color to outline the crown, or add moving lines horizontally across the base of the crown as an accent. Erase the pencil marks through the paint if they can still be seen. Erase it carefully so that you do not rub the paint on the walls as well.

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There are some tips and warnings you should take as a note for you. If you want your wall decoration to be removable, follow this process, but project the image onto a piece of foam rubber, heavy cardboard or an art canvas hanging on the wall.Sometimes you can borrow or rent projectors from a local party retailer or school.As a color scheme of large crown wall decor, consider a golden yellow crown with gold accents and precious stones metallic jewelry shades or paint a light pink crown with details in hot pink, purple and turquoise.