Creative DIY Living Room Wall Decor for Low Cost

Feb 3rd

DIY Living Room Wall Decor – Are you passionate about DIY? We offer some ideas for crafts to enhance your house in a new and simple way, do not miss our gallery of photos. Because you will definitely find very valuable ideas that you can use in your own home. In times of crisis we have to look very carefully at what we spend the money, so today we will continue in the line of ideas “low cost” to decorate or redecorate the living room or living room of your apartment, apartment or house with ideas that are original, ingenious and, above all: cheap.

Easy Diy Living Room Decor
Easy Diy Living Room Decor

DIY living room wall decor is the best way to decorate your home with original, exclusive and unique elements without spending just money. Of course, you have to have some time and be crafty. There are two ideas that we like. The first is to customize a cushion by stitching a few words on top, with felt, for example. The second is to make a kind of abstract watercolor, based on spots, and frame it. You’re an artist! As we have seen with the blanket, the elements of our daily life can be very beautiful and we can use them as decorative elements, as, for example, our collection of boots or even the coats of our family members. Look for beauty in day to day and you will find it.

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Really, if you are bored of the living room of your house, there is nothing to redecorate it like painting a wall or several of another color. This DIY living room wall decor idea gives a totally different atmosphere and you barely spend € 20 if you buy the paint in a cheap establishment. You can also paint some furniture of another color (yes, make sure it is a wood that can be painted, and, if not, put a layer of primer before you start). For example, you can paint the dresser or a stool. You think?

I suppose that if you are a literary man or a literate, like us, it will make you panic to see your books in a fireplace or in a place that goes to the bookshelf or the library that attached to the wall as DIY living room wall decor. Even so, it must be recognized that, although it is not a decorative element, they work very well as such, especially if they have a beautiful and careful binding. Let them creates a striking and bold effect. For the purists, you can start with magazines and catalogs.

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Crafts to decorate your house in a simple way. The levels of this craft are very simple; it is enough to fill the jar with glue and later to circle it with the cord until reaching the surface completely or leaving a part without covering. Another great idea is what we can see below. An antique object can give indoor spaces that retro touch so current today. A very original and interesting way to decorate the room is to use some dishes and hang them on the wall. In DIY living room wall decor addition, the dishes can be combined with a decoration with round mirrors. On the other hand, you can make some very interesting combinations with the size and shapes of the plates and mirrors.