Common Methods of Rustproofing Outdoor Metal Wall Decor

Feb 8th

Outdoor Metal Wall Decor – Since its discovery, iron has been used for a variety of purposes. Usually, it is used as a construction material. In addition, iron, due its malleability and strength, is used as a medium for decorations and art pieces. For example, it can be used as a decorative divider for homes that aim to have a Victorian feel. In many houses, iron grilles provide a point of interest as well as a security measure on windows. Some properties also have decorative lawn furniture that is made of iron.

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Indeed, iron is sturdy and tough. However, iron always rusts. Rust is actually the number one enemy of all things made of iron. The length of time of outdoor metal wall decorrusting depends on the kind of iron. Aluminum and stainless steel rust slower because the rust itself provides a protective passive coating for the material. Steel, on the other hand, rusts rapidly. A day or two out in the open and a coating of rust shows on many steel pieces. Rust itself is an oxide, which is a reddish-brown substance that is made when properties of iron react to moisture. Rust is extremely corrosive. Left untreated, all iron in a piece will eventually disintegrate. Rust can be removed, but it is tough and takes many hours.

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Rust also destroys the visual appeal of a decorative object, say an outdoor metal wall decor. That is why people who make or collect such art make sure that these decorations are rustproofed before they are displayed. Steps to rustproof iron pieces change from simple to complex. Galvanizing is a traditional way of blocking or reducing rust development. The object to be shielded is treated with a use of hot-dipped or electroplated zinc. Galvanizing is popular because it does not cost much, it adheres well to steel, and provides cathodic protection to the surface if the zinc layer is damaged. Cadmium or aluminum instead of zinc is used in more corrosive environments.

Bluing is a passivation technique used to prevent rust corrosion although it offers less resistance to rust than galvanization or electroplating. However, bluing is very much preferred on smaller steel items such as pewter figures. Bluing makes use of blued steel; however, the outdoor metal wall decorstill needs to be coated with oil to prevent water from attacking the steel. Applying primer and rust resistant paints are effective ways of rustproofing. A primer and rust resistant paint acts as an immediate buffer between the iron surface and the outside environment. These are very effective for large pieces of iron wall art decors.

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Slushing oil that is normally used on cars and ships can also be used as a rustproofing material for art pieces. Slushing oil is waxed-based material that is injected into the surface. Enclosing the metal with a non-rusting material such as transparent cling wrap or a glass encasement also prevents rust by not allowing the metal to oxidize with air. Another way is to place the piece away from environments that are conducive to rusting. For example, place the outdoor metal wall decorpiece away from areas with high humidity or with high salinity such as near the sea.