Amazing Large Rustic Wall Decor with Stone Cladding

Mar 20th

Large Rustic Wall Decor – Today we have an article dedicated to an element of nature that can make all the difference in the decoration of your house: the stone. If you have followed our ideas books, you will have noticed that stone cladding is a trend. The stone is considered one of the elements that bring more beauty and comfort to a house. Reviewing several rooms of the house, we will show you several options and ideas of how to combine the rest of the decoration with this natural element. Basically, all the examples that we will discuss below, are more rustic stones, rough, with much texture, but there are also marble and polished stone coatings.

Rustic Wood Wall Art
Rustic Wood Wall Art

From the bathroom, we go to the hall of the house, an area of passage between the rooms and the staircase. This fantastic hall has as its main protagonist the stone wall that accompanies the route of the staircase, where once again we can see the combination of rustic and modern. The stones and wooden steps are large rustic wall decordue to their materials, but the design of the steps and the glass used as protection lead us to a minimalist and contemporary trend; the fact that the pieces of stone are not all the same size, breaks the monotony that could be created by the color of stone and wood.

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Now we are in the room which is undoubtedly more modern than rustic. Despite the presence of stone, this style of decoration has nothing rural. The room is very spacious and integrates with the kitchen, the tones of light wood, white and dark gray on the roof predominate. The stone wall works like a small accent in the middle of the large rustic wall decorso clean. Contrary to the previous examples, here we can see pieces of very large stone which draw more attention and reinforces the “small” detail of the wall that ends up being very large. We would all like to have a fireplace at home, who knows how good we feel with its warmth and comfort and for those who do not have one, they know what a fault it is. Here we have a fireplace whose wall in which it is inserted, is all covered with stone. In addition to being a heat conducting material, it gives a special touch to this division.

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It is usually the smallest room in the house, but if we think about it, it is one of the places we go most during the day; we bath, we perform our personal hygiene (which involves many more things than brushing our teeth). In the case of women we put on makeup sometimes we get dressed, so why is it a room that we use so much, we despise it so many times and do not worry about its large rustic wall decor? It is worth remembering that it is an essential space for our house and therefore must be carefully decorated so that hygiene, cleanliness, comfort and good taste contribute in harmony so that we feel good every day to be in it.