Adding Bathroom Lights

Jun 24th

Bathroom Lights for the bathrooms that do not have enough sunlight in the afternoon or simply ill illuminated can benefit from another light. The project requires a combination of carpentry with electrical works but is not difficult to achieve. With just a handful of tools and a little planning, you can add a bathroom to light yourself. Once you have purchased a candle that matches your bathroom furnishings, mount it will be a breeze. Connect the black cable to the new bright positive side and the white cord to the negative side with a screwdriver. Then connect the ground cable to the new mounting bracket.

Wall Bathroom Lights
Wall Bathroom Lights


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Put draperies down on the bathroom floor. Set a pallet or short ladder under the Bathroom Lights to where the new light will be laid. Go to the main electrical panel. Turn off the burns running the bathroom. Return to the bathroom and try to turn on the existing light to test that the power is turned off. Step on stool or short ladder stand and loosen the facade plate on the existing fixture. This may require a screwdriver or it may pop up or screw by hand. Find out black and white threads that go to the existing luminaire in the ceiling recess. Connect both black and white wires by twisting them apart and loosening the screw connecting them to the light.

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Connect a different line of both black and white wires to the existing black and white wires in the ceiling recess. Then connect the black and white wires back to the Bathroom Lights. Hook the free ends of the new black and white threads around a fish tape and insert the fish band into the ceiling recess. Move feces or short ladders to stand within the position where you want to install the new fixture. Put on protective goggles and respiratory protection. Drill a test hole in the ceiling. Insert a reciprocating saw blade to the pilot hole and cut out an area equal to the size of the new luminaire facade plate. Ceiling beams will now be exposed.

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